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Lottery raffles

What is a lottery raffle?

A lottery raffle awards prizes based on draw results. Raffle tickets are available with a set amount of number codes and only those purchased participate in the draw. Therefore, there are always winners of every prize.

Why should you play a lottery raffle?

It’s fun to play lottery raffles! Here are a few reasons why you should buy raffle tickets online:

  • You’ll participate in the biggest raffles in the world with official tickets.

  • The odds of winning raffle prizes are often much better than those offered by lotteries.

  • You can participate in draws with either full tickets, or with shares of tickets.

  • Prizes are awarded for full number code matches, as well as for partial matches.

  • Every prize has a winner as only tickets purchased participate in the draw.

  • With a bit of luck, the winner could be you!

How is a raffle different from a lottery?

Raffles and lotteries are both exciting to play, but they have some significant differences.

  • In a lottery you select your own numbers. In a raffle, your ticket has a pre-printed code.

  • Lottery jackpots are only awarded if a ticket matches all the drawn numbers. In a raffle, the top prize is always awarded.

  • A raffle has a limited number of available tickets. A lottery has no limit on the number of participating tickets.

  • In raffles, the number of winning tickets is known in advance. In lotteries, draw results determine how many tickets won prizes.

  • All raffle prizes are set at fixed amounts. Some lotteries have jackpots that roll over if they are not won.